Get Centrelink loans with better terms

If you are receiving Centrelink payments, you know full well that, oftentimes, the payments are too little too late. Why? You might suffer a financial emergency while waiting for your next disbursement. So many things can happen between your payments. As a result, many people who receive Centrelink payments find themselves in dire financial straits as they wait for their next payment from the government. Maybe you need to repair something at your home or you need to replace a major appliance or your car needs major repairs. Regardless of your personal fiscal crisis, you are put in a tough spot because you have to wait until your next payment check to take care of an emergency that is happening now.

The traditional fast solutions are worse than your problems

As challenging as your current financial difficulties may be, you need to resist the temptation of turning to certain types of lending companies who take advantage of people in your situation. You are already facing a financial crisis as late-breaking emergencies destroy your ability to handle monthly bills and other expenses. To make matters worse, there are many payday loans and fast cash outfits that try to take advantage of your situation. These outfits not only charge very high short-term interest rates, they also impose very still penalties and fees in case you’re not able to fully pay off your debt within the term of your borrowings. It is no wonder many people who sign up for these types of lendings end up in worse financial shape than when they began. Thanks to harsh terms, many Centrelink recipients find themselves spending months paying off what should have been a very short-term.

Get Centrelink loans that solves your problems instead of creating new ones

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for high-interest short-term borrowings to get you out of the financial bind you’re in. We offer a database of alternative lenders who offer loans for people with bad credit and provide for borrowers facing a wide range of situations and circumstances. The very variety of our provider database ensures that you can find a provider with friendly terms that can help you. Instead of burying you further into debt, our provider database features lenders who offer friendly and easy rates and terms.

Here are just some of the loan options:

Non-profit loan assistance: These are provided by companies that seek to help individuals pay off small monthly expenses. These have comparatively low rates since they aren’t focused on profits.

Step-up loans: Designed for individuals who have low incomes, these are small, easy, and manageable. Considering their small size, they are quite easy to pay off and don’t take a huge chunk off your fixed Centrelink income. They are big enough to act as a bridge between your financial obligations now and your next government check.

Concession cards – these help you pay off monthly expenses and have friendlier terms than the standard bank loan. You are provided with small cash amounts which are very easy to manage and repay.

Are Loans available to Centrelink Customers?

This really depends on your situation, as the regulations state that Small amount credit contracts are not be offered to someone who receives at least 50% of their gross income as payments under the Social Security Act 1991 and the repayments would exceed 20% of the consumers gross income.
So if you have other income, you might be eligible.

Are Cash Loans available to the Unemployed?

No, unfortunately we are unable to lend to the unemployed.

The Government MoneySmart Website is worth a look