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Home Loans Australia 

There are many excellent home loan lenders in Australia. It is commonly understood that the time you spend on seeking and finding the best possible loan for your needs is equally valuable to the time spent on actually choosing your house. So let’s take a look at a few of the most popular lenders in the industry in Australia.

Aussie offers excellent options with rates as low as 4.64% p.a. Their loans do not contain hidden fees or charges, and have many flexible features. Aussie has a reputation of providing excellent customer service. They have the ability to process your applications with great speed. And they allow their customers to repay the loan in either fortnightly or monthly repayments. They have been the recipients of the Mortgage Broker of the Year from 2008 — 2014.

HSBC Bank Australia is also well rated when it comes to finding the right loan for buying a home. They offer a very simple option with a variable interest rate and the flexibility for customers to make additional repayments. They do not require any monthly fees. They also offer a standard variable option that allows customers a lot of flexibility in terms of repayment schedules. There is 100% balance offset on this variable loan.

Homeloans Limited has been in loan business for over 25 years. They allow customers to borrow up to 95% of the value of the property. They cover your application fees, legal fees and valuation costs. They are currently offering variable rates from 4.74% p.a., and fixed rate loans from 4.64%. They are very experienced in walking first time home buyers through the process of purchasing a home.

There are many superior options available to people looking to purchase a home in Australia. Buyers with a little patience and perseverance will find the best option available to them.

Are you a professional? And looking for a home loan?Home Loan

  • Home loans for Professionals

Service sector contributes a major share towards the GDP. It accounts for more than 50 percent of the total GDP and thus contributes to the growth of the nation. Professionals, whether salaried or self-employed may need some financial assistance at some point of time.

The list of documents required for getting a home loan either by the salaried or the self-employed are quite exhaustive. In order to get a home home loan, there are several conditions that need to be fulfilled. Doctors, architects, surveyors, chartered accountants fall in the category of self-employed professionals. The necessary documents that are required can be categorised as below:

  • Financial Documents

A self-employed professional seeking a home loan does not have to provide with any income proof. The documents that need to be submitted are balance sheets which clearly give an idea about the position of the person’s business.

  •   Tax Information

As a backup to the financial information provided by the individual, the necessary tax information also needs to be supplied.

The income tax returns of the last two / three years need to be provided, and it should be certified by a chartered accountant. It will confirm that the necessary earning is present.

  • Professional work

People often forget to furnish details that show their standing in the industry and their experience in the particular profession. They miss out the favourable treatment that is available under some conditions. Generally, banks provide with better facilities to the professionals who are senior in their profession. So along with the necessary qualification certificates, an individual must also furnish details regarding the time spent in that profession. The benefit can be either an increase in the limit of the home loan or some relaxation in the rules and conditions. The documents that a self –employed professional may require are listed below:

  • Identity Proof (Passport copy/ Voter ID card/ Driving license)
  • Address Proof (Ration card/ Electricity bill)
  • Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss accounts, Income Tax Return for last two years certified by a CA
  • Bank statement
  • Qualification proof of highest professional degree
  • Proof of Continuation (Trade License/ Sales Tax certificate)

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