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How a cash doctors payday loan works

Quicker than a bank loan. Smarter than a credit card.
A Cash Doctors payday loan is a quick cash loan paid back over a couple of weeks.

There’s no long-term debt. Just instant cash relief.
Our clever online system means you’ll have an answer in seconds. You can expect cash in your hands in 60 minutes during business hours.

Here’s how it works, step by step.

1. You Apply Online
Complete our secure and simple online application form. It’ll take 5 minutes max to apply.

2. Get An Instant Answer, Then Confirm Your Cash Advance
No waiting around. If you meet our lending criteria you’ll be offered a cash advance straight away. Check the repayment schedule and fee breakdown suits you. Then confirm your cash advance.

3. Next We Verify Your Employment Details
If you choose our easy paperless option we do a quick call to the person that looks after your payroll. If you would prefer we didn’t contact your payroll officer you can fax paperwork.

4. Money In Your Hands Within 60 Minutes
We transfer money into your account within 60 minutes of approval (during business hours.) Depending on your bank, you’ll have money in your hands within minutes after the transfer. Once you’re a member you’ll receive money within seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s easy. Get cash and get on with your life.

Cash Doctors is one of Australia’s leading short term lenders. They have helped thousands of Australian’s overcome short term financial difficulties by offering instant cash loans.
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